Cesc Pujol

I’m interested in exploring the poetic image as a communicative power through my own language. Although various records, my work and illustrations exude passion for drawing and engraving.

My works and illustrations, in spite of their diverse registers, show my passion for drawing and engraving. Perhaps this is why I like treating images gently giving special attention to the traditional handmade aspect of the process. All in all, along with my curiosity, sometimes bring me to graphic experimentation and to the search for new horizons.


Modest Prats illustrated book awards 2018.

KREAS, Ajuntament de Girona grant, 2012.

‘Creació en gravat 2011’ (engraving creation 2011) EMA grant, under the technical direction of Sebi Subirós and the artistic direction of Àlex Nogué

With a degree in History by the’ Universitat de Girona’ and having studied illustration at the ‘Escola de la Dona’ in Barcelona. His interest in finding out new graphic expressions brought him to learning digital skills at the spring workshops of the Escola Superior de Disseny i Art Llotja in Barcelona and engraving techniques at the Escola Municipal d’Art in Girona.


His work has been exhibited:2017: Group exhibition: “Ruta de l’art”, Santa Clara Cloister (Castelló d’Empúries)

2018: Group exhibition: “Ruta de l’art”, Santa Clara Cloister (Castelló d’Empúries)

2016: Group exhibition: “Ruta de l’art”, Santa Clara Cloister (Castelló d’Empúries)

2013 Exhibition: ‘Més enllà de la pineda’ (Beyond the pine forest), Centre Cultural la Mercè (Girona).

2012 Group exhibition: ‘Processos emergents/situacions reals’, Universitat de Barcelona-Centre Cultural la Mercè (Girona), supported by Felicia Fuster Foundation.

2011 Exhibition: ‘De ser-hi’, Palau Solterra (Girona), supported by the ‘Associació dels Amics del Museu d’Art’ (Friends of the Art Museum Association).


At the studio: processes in creation